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June 14, 2011
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Dark Side of the Moon by DarkSunRose Dark Side of the Moon by DarkSunRose
"I'm a sailor of JUSTICE, I am Serenity. Princess of a Moon Kingdom destroyed by greed and evil. Though I have died, my spirit lives on hidden in a world called earth.

When darkness falls, and those not satisfied by my Kingdom's end come crawling, I will awaken once more."

Ridiculous post intro over, inspired by spending MANY DAYS working on this piece. It's very different from my usual soft palette, it's what I was striving for (hopefully?).

After returning from Fanime, I was a bit giddy to try and create a few of my own fanart pieces from my childhood. What better way then starting with the staple, Sailor Moon.

I took liberties in changing things up. Removed some of the accessories, Venus now has whip.. Very hard not to convert to my old coloring ways but I kept with more solid lines and solid coloring.

Tribute to the Sailor Moon series.
Prints available at my Etsy shop: [link]

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So cool!! I love seeing fan art is completely different styles from the original. Love it.
Thank you! Glad you enjoy -cheers-
HaniCrown Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks very intense I love it. Now I'm imagining a darker version of Sailor Moon. Hah. 
Panquem Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
acbfkndhfsgda WUUUUT!??!?!?!
GeorgPrime Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy cheese, this is amazing! I love this and your follow up to it. I get an idea from this drawing itself. If I was to do a drawing and I said that this was insperation, would that be ok with you? I don't want to violate any kinda of rule you know.
I'm happy to be a source of inspiration. Go crazy!
whoahh this is absolutely amazing! the background is so cool with all the silhouettes, and I really like your style!
Hey whats up Melis..
I had a chance to meet you and see your artwork sunday at the sac con.
Great stuff!

I am happy with the print i bought from you. But i dont see it in your gallery. I bought the one with the guys playing the trumpet and saxaphone. I did have a commission for you if you are interested?

Talk soon!
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